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Let the Magic Begin!!!


I stopped writing about 2.5 years ago. Why? 

I guess I didn't like the smell of my own shit. Weird huh!!

Well, that happens right!! Self-doubts, low self-belief and mostly poor sentence construction and grammar issues. 

Have I overcome those? Naaa, still work-in-progress. So, why am I writing again?

I think I have a sane explanation for that at least. Writing when taken as a job or as a serious vocation becomes impossible for me. It simply ceases to be fun for me. 

One more reason for not having written much from last 2.5 years is that I became better at managing my emotions, hence I stopped using my blog as my refuge. So, guys bring out your reading glasses and your coffee mugs because it is going to be a long read. My fingers are working on an auto-mode. The process is so fast I am unable to keep up with it. I am barely able to breathe. God! Have I missed it? 

It is like touching yourself again after a month-long "celibacy" vow minus the sticky part.

I have no idea what I am going to write and that is the best part of blogging. No-Fucking-Deadline. Not trying to be the Bard here.

What is going on in the world??

We had some crazy shooting in the US again. Down with NRA. Another Modi Scammed us? We had some fidayeen attacks in the city, just another day at work for Army.

What else? 

Has anybody read what happened in our beloved UP for God's sake. 1 million kids walked out of Board exams just because some two-bit Yogi decided to film them. WoW!! That must have been some kind of world record right? Plus, he has got these criminals running for their lives. So, some change finally in the land of Yadava's. 

Modi Ji has been hugging almost anything that walks. He has got the plain old hand-shakes out of the fashion. I think except Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama and Jashodaben(His estranged wife) the 56-inch chest has managed to warm its way to everyone.  One thing we have to appreciate about Modi Ji is his unbound energy. He is always in a campaign mode. I often say this to my friends, if it comes to Nawaz Bhai vs Narender Bhai in any state of Pakistan, I will still bet my money on Narender Bhai. He can win elections anywhere, against anyone. He and his Sam Boswell- the killer of the judges can do anything to get the required number of votes be it electronically or otherwise. They even defeated UK in a UN election. As far as Amit Shah is concerned, I must say he will make the best Chief of Election Commission. Well, no one can con him, for he wrote the damn book.

I sometimes wonder, how deep is their friendship. Is it platonic or something which the Vatican may find offending to their "high" moral platitudes. 

How would you describe the Vatican to a novice?

A sanctuary of Paedophiles, right?

Fuking, double standards!! The Vatican pushed back science at least by 2 centuries and because of their anti-abortion stance added another couple billion to our burgeoning populace.



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