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Karma is a bitch.

It was a dark cave which served as their board room.  20 Old dusty Taliban warlords had assembled there. A group mail was sent to all of them from SHQ for their monthly review.
Target Vs Achievement excel sheets were being prepared and filed. Their one –eyed boss was busy getting his beard dyed nth time by his wife no. 14 who was just 25 years younger to him.
All 20 warlords were trained by CIA way back in early 80s when America wanted them to fight against the Russians.  It used to be a big class, but then the American invasion in the next century made sure that only few alumni survive to attend this monthly review.
The meeting was scheduled for 11 am but it was not before 2 pm that everyone was seated cross-legged on the sand, getting bashed by their master. The one-eyed boss was angry to the point of bursting. None of the warlords had completed their monthly target of killings and bomb blasts. They were also behind their opium off take from the head quarter. Their revenues had falle…