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9 things every-body assumes about Kashmiris/kashmir

1 .We all want to be terrorists. Some of us work too.
2. We have a compulsory arms training course in P.O.K .
3. Wearing a pharain means that we are hiding a Kalashinkov inside. Actually,it freezes in winter.
4. We never bathe. We too have  electricity.
5. All Kashmiris daily eat wazwan at their homes. Some of us are vegetarians too.
6. Its snows in every part of J&K. It’s not Ice-land for God’s sake.
7. We eat apples “n” times a day. No, we sell them instead
8. We speak only Urdu. We have the highest English literacy rate in the country
9. We speak hindi like Afghans do in Bollywood movies.


  1. Where is 3rd point dude??? Bass kaise bhi 10 points poore kr dene hain??? Engineering ka exam paper likh rha h kya??? :P

  2. bhai agreed.......200%.....let those dumb people come to our place and see how we live .....and what exactly we are...

  3. Well, Anshuman
    First of all kashmir is not that dangerous (as you mentioned in your profile), i would prefer to roam alone in the valleys rather then in the awkwrdly dngerous goonfilled slyms of Mumbai, and need not to say kashmir is the most beautiful n lovely place on this planet. N most of us do understand the feelings because in one way or the other almost 90% people in this country are facing the same shit..

  4. hey Green guards,

    The very reason that half a million Kashmiris had to migrate and leave behind centuries of their culture , land and property makes it the most dangerous place for me at least. You may get enamored by the tourism advertisements but the truth will not change. Its dangerous and communal. And leave apart my light hearted banter . But its a documented fact that 110% of Kashmiri Muslims supported Mujhaids during late 80''s in KP's exodus. For some real shit go read Rahul Pandita"s book," My Moon has blood clots" or Jagmohan's " My Frozen Turbulence".
    Then make the judgement.

    PS: I also love mountains/Valleys, I was born there.


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