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tamatar ka shorbha......

Its quite unnerving that my first ever blog post will be about tomato soup,but then its what i am thinking all day now...about food. I was just taking a after- breakfast nap when a thought struck my over active mind , why don't u look up about your project??? thoughts as u know are all powerful,it had enough power to lift my left eye lid,slowly my lazy body began to mobilize itself and i was able to lift the quilt over my head,out the blue another thought struck my food maniac brain, the thought obviously about food ..but this time it wanted some action, i mean cooking.So i started looking up my dad's small library for a cookery guide and got a soup guide. Soups are cool they don't need much expertise or patience, i finally zeroed in on TAMATAR KA SHORBA, sounds good na. Author Sanjeev kapur of Khana Khazana fame had included a nice colored fotu of the shorba, it looked nice though the one i made was no where in sight compared to that.So lets not deviate from the story, for shorba u need wat...tamatar that too chalis rupaye kilo,the current rate in the second most corrupt state of the country ,chalo koi ni. Now got the tomatoes, lets start the shorba.What separates science studying people or engineers from other fields is that we never question the book, as if the book was written dropped from heaven, be it in labs or any where else we go by the book , but sometimes it pays.Like wise i decided to completely follow the master chef lest some thing goes wrong, instructions were clear cut in bullets, so that made things easy, sometimes i think all the trouble will evaporate if we just follow the instructions care fully, atleast in my case . According to the book i had to cut in half 10 tomatoes, but i went for cost cutting measures used only seven,3 for my evening maggi.Next step was to peel and cut the ginger and garlic into small pieces, i hate ginger the only time i curse while eating is when a ginger gets crushed in my mouth, but i had trust in kapur and followed.Then four fresh red chillies had to be cut ,but we had the home grown green ones that had more wrinkles than madonna, koi ni sab chalta hai. Next step... got the pressure cooker.... filled it with 3.5 cups of water and saari samagri daal di.Then let them boil yaar for atleast half an hour , but now the question arise how to kill the half an hour when your net browse has just crashed and broad band is not working well, well the answer is sleep with alarm.Exactly after half an hour i woke up ,it was smelling really good, then i again checked the instructions .I had missed an important ingredient , the great turmeric powder, i quickly added half table spoon to the broth and continued boiling it well beyond the half an hour limit.Now drain off the liquid
and heat it for further 15 minutes or so on medium heat .Take cummin seed and mustard seeds add some oil and heat then for 5 minutes , let them cool off for few minutes and then add to shorba, get soup bowl out of the cup board wash it first and pour the shorba, add sum butter the amul one and ENJOY.
P.S: Chanakya once said that if you are having food thats enough in quantity and nutritious then please raise your hands towards heaven and thank the almighty, and feel lucky .


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